SSF Manager Positions - Job descriptions

Dear all,

It is again close to the end of a school year, as well as the serving time of the current management team of Sønderborg Student Foundation.

In the past year, we have been working hard and have achieved some great things, corporations, events and much more, all important steps for us on our way to be the umbrella organization for all students in Sønderborg. We have also created a much stronger network with other institutions, municipality and local politicians. We have agreed to work closely together in the upcoming years with common wish to improve the youth environment in Sønderborg and inject more fresh blood into the city.

We hope to find a new team who share the same ambition.


SSF team consists of three “layers”:

The management team

This is a group of 5-7 students in Sønderborg. To ensure we have different voices, we have decided that among this 5-7 people, there will be a broad representation of all the educational institutions in Sønderborg.

These are the only paid positions in SSF, where it requires experience with student organizations, passion and hard work over the entire period of employment.

These managers refer to and are in close contact with the youth coordinator of Sønderborg Municipality, Lykke Stine Farre.

The advisory board (A.B.)

This is the board which consists of student from all educational institutions in Sønderborg. We require at least one representative from each institution. These representatives will be our contact person in this school for promotion, cooperation purpose. The group will also be divided by interests under the managers’ teams for regular tasks.

This group contains the potential leaders of SSF for which we have a fund set aside to invest in this group by giving them activities, training sessions, presentations, etc.

This group is not required to work excessively all the time, however, they will still have very big power regarding what SSF should and will do for students in town. Regular meetings (about 3-4 times a year) will be held with the management team, local municipality workers, and other relevant stake holders, and the advisory board to ensure there is good communication between different parties. Any major decision of SSF will have to go through the advisory board.


This group is virtually the backbones of SSF for they are the “direct executors” for all SSF activities. You can come and go by events, no strings attached.

This is made for the new coming students who just got involved or the ones who are not familiar with student activities. You can just join a big group of young, passionate, and experienced people and arrange great events for others and yourself.

If you are interested in being in our advisory board or a volunteer, you can contact us already now by sending an E-mail to .

If you are interested in the managers’ positions, please read on.

In the management team, there are 5-7 managers with specific working areas. Chairman is not in one of the managers but just an additional task and title to one of the managers.

Their job descriptions is listed below:

Finance & IT manager

Main responsibilities:

Marketing manager

Main responsibilities:

Event/Project manager (2 positions)

Main responsibilities:

Ungdomscafé manager

Main responsibilities:

Design manager

Main responsibilities:

Applications can be send to youth coordinator; Lykke Stine Farre;


Application deadline is the 22nd of April by noon.
Interviews will be held with further notice.
For more information please contact the persons below.

Lykke Stine Farre
Youth Coordinator
+45 27 90 45 52